Day 1 - Your current relationship. If single, discuss how single life is.

Day 1 - Your current relationship. If single, discuss how single life is. 

Well for starters, I’m married, not single. 

Dave and I have been married for thirteen years come November. That’s a long arsed time, yeah? I’m 35 in August, and Dave and I have been together for nineteen years in total the week before my birthday. That’s over half my life just there!  Do you think it is easy?  No, it isn’t. We argue, we disagree.

It isn’t always easy being married. We work at it on a daily basis. We talk, and we work through the problems life throws at us, both big and small. I run the house, and make all the smaller decisions and Dave and I make no secret of that. But when it comes down to school and doctors and the kids, those decisions are always made together. 

We have date night on Saturday night, where the kids go to bed and we watch a movie together. No sports on TV and no computer/phone calls either.  Just the two of us. And because Dave works full time too, those date nights are really important. We lay in bed and chat about what’s happened and what is happening in our lives, and in the lives of our kids. What’s worrying us, because lets face it, a problem shared is a problem halved. 

We’ve learned together, how to balance our private lives with him working night shift. Once the kids go to bed, that’s our small window of time for us time.  But you know what? If we don’t get to have private time at night, for whatever reason it is, morning snuggle time? Best way to be woken up, let me tell you! There are also mornings or nights, where the simple act of having a cuddle in the shower together is more meaningful than anything else. 

At the end of the day, Dave is my best friend. When needed, we can put aside the fact we are married, and talk about scary shit not as the parents of Tyson and Isabel or as husband and wife, but as friends, because that’s what we were first. Friends. When we had the breast cancer scare a few years back, we had to put aside the fact that Dave loves my boobs, and talk about the fact that I might need to have them removed. And as he said back then - he didn’t marry me because I have a great set of boobs - he married me because he loves me. 

He loves everything about me, from my inability to hold a decent conversation in the mornings unless I’ve had a massive dose of coffee, to the fact that I have a hair trigger with my temper.  He loves that I have a really strong sense of loyalty, and that when the chips are down, I’ll back him and my kids 100%, even if they’re wrong. What’s that saying? A real friend will be sitting beside you in jail at 3am going, “You know what? We fucked up, but god it was fun!” That’s me.  Besides. He’s dead sexy. ;)